Check-in, Check-out, payment, booking and cancellation conditions


1. The guest can check-in only after presenting a valid personal ID at the reception.  


2. The guest is obliged to pay for the accommodation according to the actual price list of the accommodation provider. The provider is entitled to require an advanced payment as a guarantee of the booking.




  • the booking will be guaranteed upon the payment of 30% of the total price
  • cancellation up to 3 weeks before the arrival – 30% of the total price
  • cancellation from 3 weeks to 1 week before the arrival – 70% of the total price
  • cancellation less than 1 week before the arrival – 100% of the total price

 (Booking conditions valid for all reservations made untill 25.3.2020: cancellation up to 3 weeks before arrival - FREE, 3 week - 1 week before arrival - 30% of the total price, 1 week before arrival - 100% of the total price)


 4. Check-in – every day from 14:30 till 20:00 o’clock. 


5.  At the check-in, the guest receives a booked room without any damaged or missing equipment. In case the guest finds out some damaged or missing equipment, he or she is obliged to inform the owner or the receptionist immediately. In case there is some damaged or missing equipment at the check-out, the guest is obliged to replace the damage financially. 


6. The check-out is at 10:00 o’clock, unless arranged differently, and we ask the guests to lock the room and return the keys at the reception. In case the guest stays longer without the consent of the owner or the receptionist, he or she is to pay for another day. 


7.  The guest can park their cars in the front yard of the pension. Please park the car so that all the other vehicles can freely come in and leave the parking lot. The owner is not obliged to provide a free parking space.




1. It is highly forbidden to enter the pension under the influence of drugs and alcohol, it is also forbidden to bring drugs to pension. 


2. In all rooms of the pension it is forbidden to smoke or set an open fire.


3. It is forbidden to enter private rooms of the pension


4. Children under 10 years must be under a constant control of an responsible adult.


5. Dogs and other animals can be brought in the pension only with the consent of the pension owner. The animal must be healthy and the owner of the animal must be able to prove, that the animal was vaccinated according to the lay. The animals must be clean and kept on the leash. It is forbidden to leave the dogs and other animals in the pension unattended.


6. Everybody who brings or lets in dog or other animal is responsible for the animal.


7. Please do not litter the house and its surroundings.


8. Please do not use your own electric devices, except those for personal hygiene. Do not move the equipment of the room. 


9. In case the guest damages the room equipment or any equipment of the pension, or looses keys, he or she is obliged to cover the price of the damage.


10. The quiet hours in the building are between 22:00 and 6:00 o’clock and all guests are obliged to act accordingly.  


Responsibility for the damage on health and property


1. Every person is obliged to secure his or her belongings and to protect it against theft and damage, including the personal property and things left in the locked cars in the front yard.  The pension owner is responsible for the damage or any loss only to the extent that is determined by the Civil Code.


2. The owner of the pension has made provision in order to protect the life and health of the guests. The owner of the pension is in not responsible for the guest´s health. Please do not leave the youngsters unattended. The health and the lives of the guests are not insured.


3. Every person must immediately inform the receptionist or the owner of the pension if he or she sees any danger, danger of fire or a situation that requires the assistance of the police or rapid rescue service. It is forbidden to use the elevator in case of fire. All guests are obliged to read the escape route plan, which hangs next to the door inside their room.




Important phone numbers: 












Room rules


1. In case of longer stays, the bedding will be changed once a week. The towels will be changed on demand or every third day, and there will be a daily clean up of the room (garbage, toilet paper, soap refill).


2. It is forbidden to dry a larger amount of wet clothes on the radiators in the room.


3. All damage must be reported at the reception immediately.


4. Before accepting any persons, who are not accommodated in the pension, in the room, please inform the receptionist. 


5.  In case the guest breaks any of the House Rules, the owner has the right to end his or her stay in the pension without replacement and also the owner has the right to ask for the payment for the consumed services.


6. Please turn the light off while leaving the room and lock the door from your room and also the main door. 


7. All guests of the pension are obliged to follow the House Rules.




Dear guests,  


thank you for following the House Rules. We wish to provide a pleasant accommodation for all our guests.


We hope you will feel well here! Enjoy your stay! 


Yours Hana Léblová and  Silvie and David Jašek


FaLang translation system by Faboba

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The very ready and comprehension attention of Hana and Silvie, especially to the travel arrangements between Pension and Prague City.

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